My observation: The different levels of customer “service”

I just had one of the most infuriating conversations with customer service. I’m sure there will be more though. I have concluded that there are four levels of customer service. I am sharing this so that you will be prepared and thus less likely to throw your phone across the room.

The first level: “The Friendly No-Nothing”. This is the first level of defense. This person is usually very nice but knows absolutely nothing at all. They also aren’t able to help you with even the simplest task or question. Their only job is to listen out for key words and try to route you, but because they don’t know anything about any department the chances that you are going to get to the correct department the first time is not very likely.

The second level: “The General Department Worker” This person is the first line of defense for any department that you get transferred to. I’ve learned not to get too excited when transferred to what seems to be the correct department on the first try because of this person. You see, they have only general knowledge of the department and can only answer basic questions. For example, they work in billing but can only explain what the charges are on your bill. If you have an error on your bill, wellllll that’s another department.

The third level: “The Specialist” Okay now we’re getting somewhere… supposedly. This is the person that is supposed to be able to solve all of your worries. They specialize in one area (and ONLY one area) of the department. For instance billing probably has someone who reverses charges, someone who takes charges completely off the bill, and someone who forwards your bill for further review. But usually what ends up happening is that this person can’t answer your question either so they send you to the fourth level.

The fourth level: “The Re-Router” After explaining to this person for the fourth time what it is that you need, they conclude that you actually need to talk to the second person that you talked to and proceed to send you to that department where you get to start the whole process all over again.

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